In collaboration with the Conservation Voters of New Mexico and the Northern New Mexico College, the Española Community Matanza Board is proud to bring the:
Sustainable Futures Initiative
at the Española Community Matanza.
"A Green Technology Showcase"

Saturday, May 4th, 2019
12PM to 8PM
at Northern NM College Campus
(located in the front space of the admin building)

►Interactive arts and education booths that promote green technology and good stewardship practices for our land, water and air.
►Solar power demonstrations to generate the electricity needed for the event and showcase advances and opportunists in renewable energy.
►Green technology & eco-friendly vendors to raise awareness of renewable energy technologies like solar panels and electric vehicles, in addition to organic food and farming practices, water harvesting, recycling, seed saving, etc.

Green Event Space: Booth space is available for free to non-profit organizations on a first come, first serve basis. $20 booth fee for commercial vendors of green technology. Vendor Application <- - Click here

Solar Power Demonstrations: We are are actively seeking solar businesses to provide demonstrations and help generate electricity to power the event.

Sustainable Futures Initiative is an eco conscious coalition sponsored by the Conservation Voter's Education Fund and others with the goal to:
◄Bring together community members, organizations & businesses committed to building a sustainable green economy for Northern New Mexico.
◄Create new opportunities for economic growth, jobs and prosperity by seizing the green business advantage and advancing renewable energy, especially solar power.
◄Promote and advocate for sound, eco-concious practices that include sustainably focused cultural traditions and good stewardship (restorative agriculture, recycling, seed saving, composting, home gardens, organic farming, etc.)

Contact: Cristine Caltagirone at (505) 660-1053 or