About the Board

The Española Community Matanza Board is a diverse group of volunteers from within the Española Valley, who share a common goal of continuing and maintaining the Española Community Matanza as culturally inclusive Annual Event.

OUR MISSION: The Española Community Matanza Board is to utilize the Matanza as a culturally inclusive celebration, that also serves as a platform to give back to the community .

The Española Community Matanza Board is recognized as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation (Business ID# 5627320) by the State of New Mexico.

We are actively seeking volunteers who would like to join the Española Community Matanza Board. Please feel free to contact us if you're interested in joining.


Española Community Matanza Board Members
President, Ralph Martinez
Vice-President, Antionette Vigil
Treasurer, Julia Martinez
Vice-Treasurer, Mickie Quintana
Secretary, Steven Lovato
Food Committee Chair, Donna Castro
Food Committee Co-Chair, Stephen Coale
Entertainment Committee Chair, Andrea Lucero
Sikh Culture Committee Chair, Gurujot Singh Khalsa
Hispanic Culture Committe Chair, Andres Valdez
Native American Committee Chair, Raymond Naranjo
Art Committee, Toby Morfin, Cruz & Diego Lopez, and Nikki Bustos
Softball Tournament Comittiee, Roman Lozano & Kim Chavez